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PCB Production & Design Test Systems

  1. nTegrity 230: 2-port SET2DIL & SPP coupons, 30GHz

  2. nTegrity 430: 4-port differential line coupons, 30GHz

Dielectric Material Test Systems

  1. DkCAP: Parallel Plate Capacitor, 2 MHz, 100C, 70psi

  2. DkSCR: Split Cylinder Resonator, 6-10 GHz

  3. DkSLR: Stripline Resonator, 1-16 GHz

Test Fixtures

  1. USB 2 & 3

  2. CAT5e & 6

  3. COM Express

Training Kits

  1. SKIT-1: Test board with VNA and TDR/T training

  2. SKIT-1P: Test board with probe station training

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Multi-gigabit Electronics

  1. Physical-layer protocol testing

  2. Channel modeling

  3. PCB fabrication tests

  4. Expert design and test consulting

RF Electronics

  1. S-parameter models, transceiver testing, antenna impedance tests, package characterization, and expert Expert design and test consulting

Materials Testing

  1. Dielectric Constant and Loss

  2. Resistivity and Conductivity


  1. VNA & TNDA calibration and measurement correction

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CCN’s test expertise gets electronic design to market

CCN provides test systems and services to verify your products’ high-speed and high-frequency electrical performance. We create measurement-based models of signal channels, and identify potential speed limiters in gigabit and GHz electronics. CCN leads industry efforts in developing test methods for production control, and we link those production tests to design predictions of circuit performance. This includes the characterization of materials used in circuit boards, interconnections, and packaging.

All our services and products are designed to get your design to market.

Probe Station Solutions

  1. Expert advice and training for making accurate probe station measurements with SPARQ

Fixture De-embedding

  1. Characterization and modeling of test fixtures for efficient SPARQ measurements

Measurement Verification

  1. Exchange of test devices and data for SPARQ measurement assurance

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